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Haunted Tales of the Great Lakes - DVD

Through a bank of fog a ship can be seen, the problem, this ship sank to the bottom of the lake almost a hundred years ago.

From ghost ships sailing into port, to a murdered lighthouse keeper who eternally climbs the stairs of his tower, these stories and more have been collected in this intriguing program.

Learn of those who have seen, heard and felt evidence of ships, people and places that have vanished and somehow reached through the veil of time to touch the souls of the living.

Some of the tales you will enjoy are:

  • The Rouse Simmons, known as the Christmas tree ship, its wreck and its transformation into a ghost ship.
  • The Lady Elgin, a steamship on its way to Milwaukee Wisconsin when it was involved in a collision which would doom it and many aboard her to a watery grave.
  • The capsizing of the Eastland. One of the worse disasters in Chicago’s history. Victims of this tragedy still haunt the dock from where they departed for the last time in life.
  • The Seul Choix lighthouse, meet the old mischievous Captain who haunts this lighthouse and plays pranks on his guests all these years after his death.
  • The Toledo light that is protected by a ghost of a guardsman that has been seen by many who have approached the old light.
  • The Edmund Fitzgerald, her name is legendary and the reasons for her sinking still remain a mystery today. Has she now returned to the surface of Lake Superior today in the form of a ghost ship?
  • The lighthouses of Presque Isle; the ghostly light and the haunting screams from beyond the grave that bear witness to the connections between these old lighthouses and the ghosts who haunt them.

These stories and many more are told through exclusive interviews of eyewitness accounts, expert analysis, rare photos and live footage in this one hour tour of the unexplained and supernatural on the Great Lakes. Enjoy this fascinating, informative and sometimes disturbing examination of stories that feed our collective imaginations and asks the question, "What if?"


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