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Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes Trilogy

Southport Video Productions, producers of documentaries on notable shipwrecks, presents Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes Trilogy detailing the stories of prominent Great Lakes shipwrecks. These and many other ships are covered in this fun and fascinating three one hour programs.. The Edmund Fitzgerald, subject of a popular song and quite possibly the most famous shipwreck in the history of the Great Lakes. The gigantic ore carrier sank, under mysterious circumstances, in 1975, with a loss of its entire crew of 29 men. The Cedarville, a 558-foot freighter that sank in the Straits of Mackinac in 1965 after being rammed by another ship in pea-soup fog. Ten of its crew perished in the accident, which is recalled, in compelling detail, by two of its survivors. Rouse Simmons, otherwise known as “The Christmas Tree Ship”, a wooden, three masted schooner that was lost in a storm on November 12, 1912. The ship was loaded with Christmas trees, which it was to deliver for sale in Chicago. All hands on board were lost. Eastland, a beautiful passenger liner, which rolled over and sank in the Chicago River in 1915, while taking on passengers for an all-day excusion, at a loss of 835 lives. This accident remains the worst disaster, in terms of lives lost in Great Lakes history. Carl D. Bradley, perhaps the best known of lake Michigan shipwrecks, which split in two on the surface and sank during a fierce storm on November 17, 1958. At 640 feet, the Bradley was the largest ship on the Great lakes, and its final voyage has all the drama of a theatrical motion picture, complete with a harrowing tale of survivors on lake Michigan’s frigid waters. Daniel J. Morrell, on November 29, 1966, while traveling on Lake Huron on its last voyage of the shipping season, the Daniel J. Morrell, caught in a terrible storm, broke in two and sank beneath the lake’s icy waters, claiming 28 of its 29 officers and crew members. The 600 foot freighter had been on its way to Minnesota, to pick up a load of iron ore. Running time three hours/ DVD / Color Southport Video Productions © MMVII P.O. Box 862, Kenosha, WI 53141 1-800-642-9860 Digitally Mastered - Satisfaction Guarenteed

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