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Titanic Disaster - Blu-ray

Follow the grandest ship of all time from its very conception to its construction as a giant in the shipyards of Belfast, Ireland to the bottom of the Atlantic on that fateful night a hundred years ago. This documentary examines the Titanic disaster in depth and from fresh viewpoints. A collection of maritime experts and Titanic historians probe new theories and the latest scientific evidence to bring you the most complete story yet of the greatest peacetime disaster on the open seas.

  • Was the Titanic a doomed ship before she even touched the water?
  • Who was blamed for the loss of life, and what does modern evidence point to?
  • Could the Titanic have been saved?
  • Why did the disaster happen?
  • Who were the real heroes and villains in the chain of events leading to the wreck?

These and many other questions about the Titanic disaster are answered in this compelling documentary; with rare photographic evidence, data directly from the wreck site and expert opinions.

Maritime experts shot exclusively for this program, reveal a step by step account of the errors, the circumstance, the aligning of all the elements that conspired against this great vessel on that frigid April night.

There never was a ship like the Titanic before and there may never be another quite like her. This film allows you to explore the decks of the flag ship for the White Star line through the mindís eyes of men who have intimate knowledge of her construction, her capabilities and her limitations.

You will be swept away by the decadence, the splendor and the tragedy of this story. Once more Titanic and her more than two thousand souls are setting sail for New York. Join them and weigh the facts for yourself; in the end you may even change your mind about this historical event.

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